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In this class, we will start off with gentle stretching and sun salutations, building towards stronger, purposeful sequences including vinyasa flows as the class progresses. There will be an emphasis on using the breath and proper alignment of the postures. Variations will be encouraged for the intermediate/experienced students, while modifications will be offered for beginner students. There is something for everyone as we seek to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit in this well-rounded, challenging class.


In this challenging class you will hold poses a little longer, focusing on proper alignment of the bones and joints while building strength. Slow flow vinyasas will give you a well-rounded full body practice. We will also focus on connecting the breath to movement, allowing you to stay fully present in the moment on your mat. Come find your focus. Come find your breath. Come nourish your connection to yourself.


A great way to start your morning by finding your mind/body connection! Beginning with gentle movement and stretching to release tightness, this class slowly builds toward working the larger muscle groups and connecting breath to movement in a slow flow to release tension. You’ll leave this class feeling completely energized and renewed, just in time for the weekend!

In this class we will begin by warming up targeted muscle groups, gradually building to a series of stronger poses that are linked together with the intention of creating a strength building flow. Mindful breath and alignment will be emphasized. Yoga experience is recommended for this higher intensity class.
This class will begin with mindful breathing and incorporate movements that release stress and align the body for openness, allowing for energy to flow more freely. Rejuvenate the entire body with this feel-good class for all levels.

This feel-good class will combine stretching, seated postures, simply-sequenced standing postures, and balance work. We will move at a slower pace, allowing for time to appreciate proper alignment in each pose without feeling rushed! Appropriate for seniors and beginners as well as more experienced practioners seeking a lower intensity class, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed in mind and body.

This 6 week series includes an introduction to basic yoga poses and breathwork with an emphasis on safety and proper alignment. Blocks and strap are included in tuition.
This class is designed for graduates of our Beginner Series or any beginning student familiar with basic yoga postures but ready to learn more. In this class we will focus on refining the basic postures, adding more complex sequences, and using props to enhance your practice.
Reduce tightness, let go of tension, and reset mind and body for the upcoming week. This class will focus on improving flexibility, range of motion, and joint mobility with slow stretching. Appropriate for all levels and great for athletic recovery.
Turn inward and explore mind and body at a slower pace. Restorative yoga uses props (blankets, blocks, and bolster pillows) to support you in longer holds of simple poses to find deep relaxation in the body. Slowing down allows space for increased mindfulness; physical sensations, thoughts, and emotions that may arise can be experienced in a deeper way. Nurture yourself, ease stress and renew wellness with restorative yoga.

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