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Our classic yoga class for intermediate to advanced students. This class will move at a faster pace (one breath, one movement) with frequent vinyasas and more complex sequences. Some longer holds to build strength will be included. Students are encouraged to modify poses, practice at their own level, and use this class to work toward achieving their individual yoga goals. Vinyasa Flow is challenging and fun!
Suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis, Slow Flow may include some vinyasas, but moves at a slower pace than our Vinyasa Flow class. Beginning with gentle stretches to release tightness, this class slowly builds toward working the larger muscle groups and connecting breath to movement. This class includes standing poses, balance practice, core work, and relaxing cool down stretches. 75 minute Slow Flow includes a longer savasana for a soothing nervous system reset. Slow Flow is moderately challenging. Modifications will be provided and encouraged.
Yoga Holds is a challenging class without upper body weight-bearing poses (no vinyasas/downward facing dog/plank). Longer holds of standing poses give you time to find better alignment and develop lower body strength. More emphasis is also placed on balance poses than in traditional vinyasa classes. Yoga Holds is a great way to add variety to your practice.

This feel-good class will incorporate breath work, stretching, seated postures, simply-sequenced standing postures, and balance work.  Modifications and props will be offered to make postures more accessible. We will move at a slower pace, allowing for time to appreciate proper alignment in each pose without feeling rushed.  Appropriate for seniors, beginners, and more experienced students seeking a slower, more mindful practice.  You’ll leave feeling refreshed and relaxed in mind and body.

This 90 minute class uses props (blankets, blocks, and bolster pillows) to support you in long holds of beneficial restorative poses to find deep relaxation in the body. There is very little movement; the entire class takes place seated or lying down on your mat. Slowing down allows for a reset of the nervous system and increased mindfulness. Nurture yourself, ease stress and renew wellness with restorative yoga. Appropriate for all levels.
Ready to get stronger? Yoga Strength will incorporate resistance bands with yoga to build functional strength: increasing joint stability, preventing injury, improving your yoga practice, and helping you move through everyday tasks with greater ease. This challenging full body workout will include core work and balance practice. Yoga experience recommended but not required.
Appropriate for all yogis, this class will include more than just physical postures. Pranayama (breathwork) techniques will be taught, and slow, deep stretches will help students find their own individual alignment. While this class does not include vinyasas, some gentle inversions such as downward facing dog and standing forward fold will be offered. This class will end with a 10 minute savasana with guided relaxation and visualization.
Our Beginners’ classes will introduce you to yoga postures and the concepts of breathwork and proper alignment. Learn how to use props to assist your practice and modifications that can make yoga work best for your body.  Gain confidence and know that you are practicing safely.  Perfect for brand new students or anyone who wishes to deepen their practice by revisiting the basics of yoga.
This amazing full body workout combines elements of ballet, yoga, pilates, and resistance training. With high reps and small, low impact movements, Barre works deep muscles that are difficult to train with other types of traditional exercise. You’ll move to the beat of fun, upbeat music while toning the whole body. Class size is limited to 8 people, so be sure to register in advance.
Known as the yoga of sleep, Yoga Nidra leads us into a state of harmonious, restful being. It brings us into a deep state of conscious relaxation allowing us to shift our awareness from the external world to the internal. The mind relaxes, and our bodies are able to move into a healing state.  Yoga Nidra can remove toxins from the body on a cellular level, literally “refreshing” the mind. This class takes place entirely on the mat with bolsters and blankets; there is no movement as in other yoga classes. Appropriate for all levels.

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